wellU Virtual Studio Memberships

wellU Virtual Studio Memberships

The wellU virtual studio has everything you need to simplify your journey to wellness. Whether this is day 1 or day 1000, we have a membership to suit your needs  if your goals are to feel good in your body, stay active, and have fun while doing it.

This is not the program for you if you want workouts that will leave you feeling beaten, bruised, and unable to walk. Yes, you will be challenged and grow stronger, but in a way that supports your daily life and doesn’t leave you feeling sore for days. My goal is to help empower you to feel GOOD in your body, not to punish it.

Because there is no one size fits all approach to fitness and wellness, we offer a variety of monthly membership options you can find the one that works best for you!

Simply click the images below to learn more about each of the membership options available to you!

All-In-One Membership $55/month: BEST VALUE

Yoga Membership $30/month:

Body Sculpt Membership $30/month

Live & OnDemand Zumba Membership $30/month

Zumba ZINStudio (OnDemand) Membership $20/month:

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 Register for an ALL-IN-ONE Monthly Membership
 $55.00 CAD  ( then $55.00 CAD a month )
 Register for a YOGA (+Zumba) Monthly Membership
 $30.00 CAD  ( then $30.00 CAD a month )
 Register for a BODY SCULPT (+Zumba) Monthly Membership
 $30.00 CAD  ( then $30.00 CAD a month )
 Register for an ALL-ACCESS Zumba Monthly Membership
 $30.00 CAD  ( then $30.00 CAD a month )
 Register for a ZINStudio Monthly Membership
 $20.00 CAD  ( then $20.00 CAD a month )

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