1:1 Coaching Application

What do you do when you don't even know where to start? With the rise of social media, separating good information from bad has become a full-time job.

You already have a million things on the go, you have no idea what is true and what is false, all you know is you want to start feeling better in your body right now. No crash diets, no crazy workout regimes, no meal plans that take 5 hours every weekend to prepare.

You want simple, actionable, and effective solutions to your specific issues and you don't want to spend the next 12 months trying to figure them out on your own.

And I want to be the person who helps you get effective solutions quickly. Solutions that are backed by science.

I've spent the past 15 years working in the wellness industry and during that time I've continued to invest in education, acquiring knowledge to allow me to help support my clients in a real and meaningful way.

Some of the areas I've chosen to specialize in include:

  • nutrition
  • yoga
  • stress resiliency
  • pre/postnatal
  • aging adults
  • Ayurveda
  • trauma-informed teacher training
  • holistic whole-body health

And I am excited to be able to offer to you the ability to benefit from all of my years of learning. Investing in a coaching package with me allows you to get exactly what you need, and nothing else.

Examples of types of coaching someone might invest in:

- Private virtual yoga classes to help you work through trauma, improve your mental health, or for a specific injury/issue.

- A personalized exercise plan you can do at home to help to keep you moving with special considerations for pre-existing conditions and/or new mobility issues you might be experiencing.

- Ayurvedic nutrition coaching to help you uncover how the foods you eat might be making you feel unwell

- Stress resilience coaching to better help you deal with challenging phases in life.

And the list goes on!

Why do I need to apply?

The reason I ask you to apply is that I want to ensure that I am the right person for you. If what you want or need is not something I am confident I can provide, I would much rather we both know that upfront before any money has changed hands. I am not interested in taking your money unless I truly think I can be of help.

How quickly will I hear from you once I apply?

You can expect to hear from me within 2 business days upon submitting your application.

Why should I spend money on coaching?

Investing in 1:1 coaching is all about saving you time, energy and frustration.

You can most certainly find all the information I know for free on the Internet. But you'll need to invest a lot of time to find what you are looking for and ensure that the information you have collected is safe and creditable. Working directly with a professional means you get trade time for results.

So you need to ask yourself, which makes more sense for me? Taking the time to figure this out on my own for free, or investing some money to get answers quickly.

Why should I work with you?

If I need to answer this question then truthfully, you probably shouldn't work with me. Those applying ideally have taken a class or program from me in the past, have followed me on social media, or listened to my podcast and already know that I would be a good fit for them. This application process simply ensures that my knowledge base is a good fit for what you need.

What is the cost?

I know that cost is a factor, and I personally refuse to apply for any type of program or service that makes me jump through hoops to find out how much it costs. Each 1:1 coaching package will be different based on the client's wants and needs, but you can invest in a single 30-minute package for $75, and a single 1-hour package for $125. Please note these both include a $25 set-up fee which is only charged on the first session.

Save 30% on packages of 5 or more 1-hour sessions, or 20% on packages of 5 or more 30-minute sessions.

Interest-free monthly and weekly payment plans are available for those investing in multi-session packages.

By applying, you are taking one step forward on getting help with feeling good and happy in the body you are in right now. You are not committed to working with me by completing this application, but this will allow me to give you guidance around what I would recommend and whether I'm a good fit to work with you.

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