At-Home Workout Program Fall 2019


Welcome to September - the "other" new year! Feel like summer has caused you to lose sight of your health and wellness goals? Ready to get back on track and make your health a priority again?

This 12-week at-home workout program launches on Monday, September 9, 2019, and will run until the end of November. Offering options for all fitness levels using minimal equipment (hand weights and/or resistance bands and an exercise mat).

What you get when you join:

  • 3 Phase workout program suitable for all fitness levels
  • Weekly accountability group to help keep you on top of your fitness goals
  • Video demos for each exercise 
  • WOWM (Work Out With Me) Live Video (and replay) each week of one of the workouts
  • Complimentary 3-month membership to well U which included live weekly workouts, monthly workshops, access to all past workouts, meditations and workshops, and our new nutrition plan launching in September 2019.


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4 Lessons

Fit Test

1 Lessons

Before beginning the program, please take a few minutes to complete the fit test to get a benchmark on your fitness level. At the end of the 12-weeks we will re-take the test to see how much we've improved!

Phase One Weeks 1-4

14 Lessons

Welcome to Phase One!

The first phase in our 12-week plan is the foundation phase. In this phase, we focus on foundational exercises to ensure we are able to execute each exercise with good form.

Please note, being able to execute exercise does NOT mean you need to be able to execute every option of every exercise with good form. Nor does it mean you have to be able to do every version of every exercise. As long as you are able to complete your chosen exercise (or exercises) with good form by the end of the 4 weeks you are ready to move on to the second stage.

About the Workouts

In phase one, your workouts are set up in a circuit style. This means you will complete all of the reps of one exercise, then immediately move on to the second exercise completing all reps, then moving on to the third exercise and so on.

When you've finished the last exercise you will rest for up to 2 minutes, then depending on what level you are, you may go back and complete one or two more rounds of the circuit.

The number of rounds (or sets) you do in this phase depends on your level.

Beginner: 1 round

Intermediate: 2 rounds

Advanced: 2-3 rounds

While you only "need" to rest between sets, if you need to stop and take a breather during your exercises, please do. 

During phase 1, it is recommended you complete a minimum of 2 workouts each week, but 3 is ideal.

Choosing to do them on non-consecutive days whenever possible is recommended as it allows adequate recovery time between workouts.

At the end of the four weeks, if you don't feel ready to move on to the next phase you can continue with these workouts for an extra week or two.

Choosing your difficulty level

Feel free to "mix and match" your workout to make it perfect for you. Maybe you need to do the beginner version of a push-up, but can do the advanced version of a wide squat - go for it! You can do different difficulty levels and different numbers of reps depending on your abilities/strengths. Just make sure you keep track in your workout notes so you know what version of each exercise you are doing each time you complete the workout.

Workout Flow

You are always doing the opposite workout than you did the previous time, so you are always doing workout A, B, A, B, A, B regardless of how much time there was between workouts. That means if you are doing 3 workouts/week, one week you will to A, B, A and the following week you will do B, A, B.

WOWM (Work Out With Me) Videos

1 Lessons

For each WOWM video, I will indicate what phase, which workout, how many rounds or sets, how many reps, and which difficulty level I am demonstrating in the title to make it easy to find what you are looking for.

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