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Want to feel more in control of your life?

To stop chasing the next big thing and instead settle in and learn how to make small changes that will greatly impact your life for the better?

Want to feel like you belong, and have your own personal cheerleader?

well U is a whole-body wellness membership group where certified fitness instructor, yoga instructor, nutrition coach, stress resiliency and running coach Suzi Fevens teaches you tools that will help you improve your fitness, nutrition and stress resiliency (your ability to manage stressful situations when they occur and then return to "normal" quickly after they end) and overall health through stress management, goal setting, journaling, accountability challenges, yoga, and personal development.

And on top of all of that, you'll be signing up to have her as your own personal cheerleader, someone who is always in your corner ready to encourage you any time you are needing a little extra boost.

As a member of the well U membership program you can expect the following:

Weekly Accountability Group

Each Monday members are asked to set their goal(s) for the week. These could be goals focused on food, exercise, stress management or self-care. Suzi then checks in with everyone on Friday to keep everyone accountable and provide encouragement where needed, to help keep participants on track and their goals on the forefront of their mind. In order to participate in this aspect of the membership, you will require a Facebook account.

Workouts (Live & Produced)

Join Suzi each week for a new workout video so you can workout with her no matter where you live! Live videos will take place on the Facebook page but replays will be available in the members section, and all producted videos will be found in the members area so you can go back and use them anytime you like.

At-Home Workout Program

Get complimentary access to the current (and all past) at-home workout programs.

Private Facebook Group

Our private Facebook group is where we connect for the accountability group and live workouts and trainings. Having a Facebook account is not mandatory for participation in this program, but for that additional level of support, it is highly encouraged.

Monthly Video Conferences

Each month we come together to learn a new tool or tools that can help us on our journey to living a less chaotic life. If you miss the live call you will always be able to access the recording here in the training archives as long as your membership is active.

Meditation Library

As a member of the group, you will have access to the Wellness Simplified meditation library where you can stream meditations online or download the audio files directly to your phone or computer.

Access to All Past Video Trainings

No matter when you join, you'll be able to access all the training videos that have been recorded. Want to learn about the chakras or Yamas and Niyamas? Want to learn about journaling? We have all those videos and files in the archives available to you 24/7 as a member!



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1 Lessons

Yamas & Niyamas Training

9 Lessons

Yama & Niyama Meditations

2 Lessons

Chakra Trainings

6 Lessons

Training videos on all seven chakras. What they are, what happens when they become unbalanced, and things we can do to help bring them back into balance.

Chakra Meditations

8 Lessons

A collection of meditations for the chakras, including downloadable MP3 files for each.

Chakra Yoga Flows

3 Lessons

A series of yoga flows created to help activate the chakras.

Intro to Journaling

1 Lessons

Interesting in journaling? What it is, the different kinds of journaling, and why you might want to start? This online training will explain why journaling can be so powerful and give you an inside look at Suzi's own journaling practice.


5 Lessons

A collection of Yoga for Wellness meditations covering a variety of topics.

Yoga Flows

4 Lessons

A collection of Yoga Flows for Yoga fro Wellness Members

Q&A Videos

3 Lessons

Training Videos

1 Lessons

The Four Tendencies

6 Lessons


2 Lessons

*NEW* Workout Quickies

2 Lessons

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