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Confused about all of the options when it comes to eating styles and what you should eat an how much? Suzi is a CanFitPro certified Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Specialist and is certified as an Eat To Perform Nutrition Coach. Based on your personal stats, Suzi will calculate a basic nutrition plan for you to provide a starting point for your wellness plan.

Your nutrition Plan will include a custom plan including protein, fats, and carbohydrates as well as other basic metrics to monitor your nutrition. You will also receive two plan reviews/week to provide accountability and support for the duration of your plan.

Based on thousands and thousands of case studies, Suzi uses the education she's been taught by exercise physiologists to determine your macro plan. Forget about fad diets, starving yourself, and struggling with craving on a daily basis. When you are fueling your body properly cravings naturally subside and while you'll still feel the urge to eat your favorite treats now and then, chances are you'll be able to make them work in your day without having to feel guilty about your treat!

Sound like the type of lifestyle you'd like to enjoy? Then let Suzi help you determine your personal caloric needs so you can start moving into an eating plan that leaves you feeling energetic and ready to take on the world!

Less is not the answer - more, and better is!

What you get:

  • custom nutrition plan built based on your needs and goals
  • a spreadsheet created just for you where all your data will be tracked making it easy to see your progress and allows both you and Suzi to easily see how you are doing
  • 2 reviews/week. Twice/week Suzi will review your plan, your entries and how you are doing. Based on that information she will provide feedback, additional resources as needed and will offer both support and accountability.
  • Additionally, clients have the ability to talk to Suzi between reviews to ask questions or get additional support as needed. The reason most people fail is that they don't have a support system - let Suzi be that for you!
  • With a reoccurring monthly payment with no long term contract, you choose how long you work with Suzi. Stay for one month or 3 years - it's all up to you! 



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