Summer 2022 At-Home Workout Program

Summer 2022 At-Home Workout Program

This 12-week at-home workout program begins in August 2022. Offering options for all fitness levels using minimal equipment (hand weights and/or resistance bands and an exercise mat).

2-3 workouts/week at 15-20 minutes in length mean you can continue to build strength and improve your fitness with workouts you can easily fit into your busy schedule.

What you get when you join:

  • 3 Phase workout program suitable for all fitness levels
  • Video demos for each exercise
  • Emails at the start of each phase for support and encouragement
  • Access to Suzi, her expertise and the ability to ask questions, get encouragement and feedback from an expert
  • Continued access to the program after the 12-weeks

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Summer 2022 At-Home Workout Program

Welcome! I'm so excited you are joining the summer workout program!

The only equipment you'll need for this program is yourself, possibly a sturdy chair (depending on which version of the exercises you choose), a couple of sets of hand weights or resistance bands, and an exercise mat.

Weights you can get most anywhere including Walmart, and tend to be approximately $2/pound,so expect a 5-pound weight to cost around $10. If you find them on sale for less you've found a good deal and should get a couple of sets if it is in the budget in order to accommodate you as you get stronger.

Or, a set of resistance bands like these (which are the ones I have) can make a great alternative as you can easily swap out resistance levels and use different objects (like the leg of a heavy table) as a fixed point for some exercises. Resistance Bands:

For most exercises, a bodyweight option will also be available, but sometimes bodyweight exercises can be more challenging than using the equipment. If purchasing additional equipment is not in the budget right now, I recommend finding a pair of empty water bottles and filling them with water or sand to create your own homemade weights instead!

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