31-Day Yoga Challenge

This 31-Day Yoga Challenge is an online program created to help you build or maintain a daily yoga practice in under 8 minutes/day!

Utilizing flows that help to support those living with chronic stress, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental or physical traumas and is suitable for all experience levels.

What can you actually accomplish in under 8 minutes?

You might be surprised at home much different you can feel after a short yoga or meditation practice. Studies have shown that short, daily practices are more effective at lowering stress levels overall when compared to one or two longer practices/week.

Summers are busy and a low-time-investment program like this is the perfect way to feel like you are doing something good for yourself without having to make a big commitment. And because all of the videos are prerecorded, if you miss a day here and there it's no big deal, just continue onto the next day!

What you get:

  • 26 days of yoga videos (all under 8 minutes)
  • 5 days of meditation videos (all under 8 minutes)
  • 4 weekly emails with the direct youtube link for each day so you can simply click and press play
  • Basic pose breakdown video for those new to yoga which will guide you through the poses you will see in the program
  • Continued access to the videos after the 31-days are up. You'll continue to have access to the program content both via your emails and here inside wellU so you can restart at any time you like!
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